Personal practice page

A toolbox to build your own small, regular mindfulness habit

A regular practice will help you to live the life that you want to live with comfort of heart and ease of movement.

Day to day life takes energy, effort, and compassion. Life demands a lot from us. A daily mindfulness practice aims to balance these demands with restful, calming, and dynamic practices which leave you feeling soothed, strengthened, and refreshed.

There is no one perfect practice for everyone. Your personal practice should work together with your schedule, and never demand that you somehow find time or energy that you do not have. Small moments of practice, done regularly, give the greatest benefit.

​Your personal practice, is a complement to group movement classes and other active training you enjoy doing.

Your personal practice toolbox

Group classes

Challenge yourself, learn new things, and find inspiration in group classes.

Join group classes in person or online.

Self-guided practices

Self-guided restorative sequences allow you to take an energy-replenishing break from as little as 3 minutes, with nothing more than 3 blankets.

Short courses

Learn to weave habits of mindfulness into your daily routines.
Explore movement with a series of classes built around a theme.