What you can learn from my classes

It feels great to move. That is why we are here! Body movement also has another purpose: to help us to connect to the subtle energies that give rise to our lived experience. My classes use a blend of intelligent movement, restorative positions, and breathing exercises to soothe and strengthen your body and leave you feeling ready to face anything. I do not pretend that the stresses and worries of life do not exist. My classes provide you with tools to embrace the good and the bad in life equally, without judgement. You will learn to move your body with awareness and care, nourishing your muscles, bones, and organs. However, the mind is always ready to push expectations and worries into focus and distract us from the matter of living a happy life. You will learn to refocus your mind, take a break from your worries, and understand how to nourish yourself on all levels. I always encourage feedback and keep an open conversation with all students about how your yoga practice can best serve you.